The initiative to professionalize Business Mentoring is part of the ambition to perpetuate and support the development of European small and medium-sized enterprises. Supported from 2013 by the European Program ERASMUS+, with priority given to the sustainability of family-run VSE/SME/SMIs in Europe, the Business Mentor profession needed to be defined, structured and certified in order to meet the requirements of skills and expertise needed to carry out assignments with managers.

MentorCert® ISO17024 Certification formalizes the method of evaluating the concrete experience acquired by the candidate for Certification. It sanctions, through an in-depth analysis of his file, the level and real skills of the Business Mentor to deal with the needs of a manager (VSE, SME, ETI) in a manner adapted to his needs.

Why a European Certification ?

For the company and its manager

> To guarantee business owners the skills and expertise of the Business Mentor in ensuring the fulfilment of their missions.
> To guarantee the skills updating: regularity of the training courses and the validity period of the Certification.
> Verify the validity of the Certificate : VerifMentorCert

For the Business Mentor

> A European certification recognized in 28 countries.
> Distinguish your profession specificities: necessary prerequisites, specific expertise and skills, methodologies and know-how
> Enhance your fields and level of expertise: 3 levels and specialisation label.

Certification Process

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The prerequisites for MentorCert® Certification vary according to 3 levels: Junior, Senior, Master.
They particularly concern :

Diploma required


Title acquired





Mentoring Experience


Proof of performance


Peer assessment


Code of Conduct

Consult the detailed list of prerequisites

Skills assessment

The 15 competencies assessed in the interview are as follows :

Duration of validity of the Certification

MentorCert® Certification is valid for 3 years. To extend its validity, the process is identical according to the pre-requisites : skills assessment and satisfaction surveys of the mentees.

Cost of Certification

The historical partners can accompany the candidates in the process of taking financial responsibility for their Certification according to the necessary conditions in each country of the European Union.

This cost notably includes the intervention of the assessors: Business Mentor's skills are notably assessed during a 2-hour interview with 2 Business Mentoring expert reviewers. This interview allows the candidate to develop and argue his/her answers based on real-life situations, to be able to demonstrate his/her operational skills in a more relevant and personalized way.

Preparing for Certification

As part of the Erasmus Trust Me project that gave rise to the MentorCert® Certification, the historical partners have also implemented the training and apprenticeship programmes that are essential to obtain MentorCert®. They can support certification candidates in obtaining and enhancing the value of their Certification in their future missions.


Information and registration

Checking the validity of a certificate

You are a company manager, you wish to check the validity of the MentorCert Certification of a Business Mentor, use our VerifMentorCert tool.