Sustaining and developing European businesses and territories

Applied for many years in Anglo-Saxon countries, Business Mentoring is today an approach supported by the European Commission with a clear objective : to define, structure and certify the profession of Business Mentor.

Business Mentoring is a key tool for supporting VSE/SMEs in Europe. The Management of BGE, the Budapest Business School, and in particular Péter Soltész, advisor to the Rector, have made it possible to obtain the support of the European Union, from the very first project (INSIST), focused on securing the transfer of European small and medium-sized family businesses.
More widely, the professionalization of Business Mentoring carried by the European project TRUST-ME is at the heart of a global strategy to preserve and develop the know-how of companies, the economic network of territories and local employment. By promoting access to international networks, financing and growth levers necessary for business development, Business Mentoring is a key player in today's economic challenges.


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The Business Mentor guides the entrepreneur in making his projects a success and in enhancing the potential of his know-how and creating value for his company: innovation, external growth, international development, business transfer/takeover, industrial partnerships, search for financing (private, national, european...).

However, the company must ensure the veracity of the skills, expertise, methodologies and management tools of the Business Mentor who accompanies it.


Co-financed by the ERASMUS+ programme,  the European project, the basis of the European MentorCert® Certification, was launched in 2017. At the initiative of ADINVEST International, this european project is the achievement of more than 6 years and 3 collaborative European projects involving ADINVEST International and a network of European partners. It is based on nearly 150 pilot training courses and more than 60 experts. In 2019, the TRUST ME project, which has strongly enabled to the European validation of the Competence Skillcard, won the prestigious  European Quality Award de la part de l'Union Européenne.

The MentorCert® ISO 17024 Certification sets out a dedicated training and learning path and validates the level and skills of the Business Mentor through an examination. It thus meets several objectives:


Distinguish the specificities of the Business Mentor's profession:

necessary prerequisites, specific expertise and skills, methodologies and know-how...


Enhance the areas and levels of expertise of the Business Mentor :

3 levels and specializations.


To guarantee the entrepreneur the skills and expertise of the Business Mentor:

in order to ensure the achievement of their missions.


Ensuring that skills are kept up to date :

regularity of the training courses and validity period of the Certification.